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My name is Barbara Korando and I am a village herbalist in a small community in North Central Washington.  I was drawn here in 2001 by the powerful healing nature of this magical place. Situated on a 55-mile long glacier-fed lake, with blazing hot summers and equally cold winters, the Chelan Valley is a beautiful place to grow herbs and live sustainably. I started my herbal adventure in earnest in 1999 and in 2001, after 1400 hours of instruction, earned a diploma in herbal studies from the American College of Health Sciences.  I have spent countless joyful hours using herbs, studying and playing with herbs, and sitting with plants to learn from them.  

Recently I became certified as an aromatherapist.  Gaining more depth in my understanding of essential oils will increase the effectiveness of my blends.  Aromatherapy has been an important component of my products and serves to enhance my work with herbs.

Our herb garden thrives in the magnificent Chelan Valley sunshine. However, I also purchase high-quality wildcrafted or organic herbs from ethical and environmentally friendly sources when I'm unable to gather them myself.    I am mindful that plants are powerful and amazing allies and gratefully accept all they have to share with us.

Recently we were blessed to have our son and his family move to our community. They joined the family adventure and have begun providing herbs grown on their 50-acre farm on Wapato Lake.  They bring amazing talent, passion, fresh ideas and abundant creativity to the partnership.

Jamayma Gecko Herbals was founded in 1999 to bring handcrafted botanical products to people who are serious about their health and well-being.  We use the highest quality ingredients--cold pressed organic oils, organic, ecologically harvested or ethically wildcrafted herbs rich with live plant energies and pure essential oils. Barbara formulates most of our products herself and tests them on eager friends and family.  We care about what goes on our skin and into our bodies and suspect that you do too. 

We use no chemical preservatives, additives, synthetic ingredients or fragrance oils in our products.  All of our creations are made in small batches to ensure absolute freshness and are hand-poured to guarantee the highest possible quality.  We care deeply about the health and beauty of the environment.  To that end, we keep packaging to a minimum and strive to use only environmentally friendly ingredients.

And most of all, we enjoy the fantastic journey that comes with being connected to the earth, grounded, and yet free to explore a thousand new horizons through the people we meet and the delicious connections that we make.

A note about animal testing: our dogs (Bodhi, Cosmo and Skye) have approved our carefully formulated pet products (Doggy Boo Boo Balm, Happy Dog Salve and Peaceful Pup).  Our many cat friends love, love, love Kitty Cat Joy Juice - it's their catnip of choice.


Cosmo (1998 - 2014)


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Jamayma Gecko Herbals, LLC


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