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Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

Diffuser blends are combinations of pure essential oils that are typically vaporized in a diffuser or nebulizer, but can also be helpful when just sniffing the bottle or adding a few drops to a pot of steaming water.  Less is more when adding essential oils to your diffuser.  3-4 drops is all you need to gain the benefits of these potent oils. Essential oil blends are useful in so many ways:  to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home; to cleanse and disinfect the air; to help you breathe a little easier or boost your immune system; to lift your spirits and give you more energy; or to add calming scents to help you or your family sleep more peacefully. So many possibilities!

For safety reasons, these blends are not intended to be used undiluted.

Product   Price
Sweet Dreams Diffuser Blend   From $16.00
Immune Boost Diffuser Blend   $20.00
Communicate Diffuser Blend   $15.00

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