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Love Your Hands and Feet

Rose G Cuticle Butter

Healthy cuticles are happy cuticles.


Red Hot Shea Body Butter

A whipped confection (no, no not to eat!)


Gardener's Salve: a healing balm

Truly a "farmer's friend."  Use before gardening to make cleaning the dirt off your hands a snap!


Rosemary Mint Foot Soak

Your feet work hard for you.  Treat them nice with this wonderfully soothing blend of herbs, essential oils and epsom salts.  An especially nice gift item when paired with the Sweet Mint Foot Rub.


Sweet Mint Foot Rub

The perfect pick-me-up for hot, tired, swollen feet...or to finish off a pedicure...or before bed...or to pamper your sweetie.


Minty Toes Foot Spray

Want happy feet?  This will do it for ya.


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