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Healing Salves & Ointments

Calendula Ointment - 2 oz. tin

A must have in your first aid kit.


Tea Tree Ointment

One of our top sellers!  Don't leave home without it.


Dream Balm

Dream, dream, dream.  Well, yes, this does seem to make some folks remember their dreams.  For others it just ensures a deep and pleasant slumber. 


Pine Pitch Salve

Pine Pitch Salve

Pine is mighty fine...especially when it comes to healing dry skin, drawing splinters and rescuing cracked heels or hands.


Heavenly Arnica Muscle Rub

It is heaven sent, especially if you are hurting.  A gentle, yet effective pain relieving blend designed to get you feeling better before you know it. 


Itchy Skin Cream - 2 oz.

This balm is especially helpful for eczema, rashes, dermatitis, inflammations, dry, cracked skin and even sunburns.


Anti-Fungal Treatment

Athlete's Foot?  Funky toenails?  Try this treatment - folks say they get great results!


Lemon Balm Cream - Small Tube

This cream smells great and works a treat.


Lemon Balm Cream - Large Tube

Lemon Balm Cream in a handy tube to carry with you.


Plantain Salve

This salve is a rich emerald green and goes on smooth as silk.  This may just become your new favorite hand cream.


Poplar Bud Analgesic Balm

Poplar Buds, also known as Balm of Gilead, are just the ticket for stiff joints and everyday aches and pains.


Three Giants Trauma Rub



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