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Intriguing Miscellany

Lots of interesting and hard to find herbal treats.

Bug Me Not

This herbal insect deterrent is chock full of scents that bugs hate and people love. 

Ingredients:  Organic essential oils of catnip, citronella, rose geranium, and lavender in a base of catnip, lavender and yarrow hydrosols and tinctures.  Some mighty potent herbal juju results when all this herbal goodness joins forces to put the kibosh on flying critters.  Take that you winged marauder!


Skeeter Bite Eradicator

Take this little roller bottle with you.  I mean it.  You'll be ready when you discover you missed a spot with the bug repellant or 'they' got to you before you were prepared for 'them'.  We don't get a lot of mosquitoes here in Chelan, but they sure do up lake.  My customers swear by this stuff.  It stops the itch like right now.  I am not kidding.  I use it on whatever has bitten me because I hate to itch.  No itch, no scratch.


Leave In Hair Conditioner

Feels light, smells great.  One of my all-time best sellers.

From $10.00

Aloe Rose Shaving Silk

This stuff is "slick" as we used to say in the '70s.  Organic aloe vera gel and organic castille soap with essential oils of vanilla, organic peppermint and organic rose geranium.

From $10.00

Holy! Basil! Spray Deodorant

Holy! Basil! Batman!  This will keep you dry and smiling.


Herbal Sinus Ease

You can simply sniff this blend to open up your sinuses or add a bit to steaming water and let the vapors do their magic.


Lavender Dryer Sachets

Make your linens smell as fresh as if they were line-dryed in fresh air and sunshine!  Stick them in your bureau drawer until you're ready to use in the dryer and your drawer will smell ever so sweet (especially if you pinch the bag every once in a while to release the essential oil in the lavender buds).


Therapeutic Clay

Red, Green, and White.  Get the trio and mix and match to your heart's desire.  Or have girls' day at the spa and invite a couple of friends over.  Be sure to take pictures!  Comes with complete information on how to give yourself a clay facial and recommended essential oils you may wish to add for particular skin issues.


Mental Acuity

This blend is great for students, folks who drive a lot and anyone who feels overcome by "brain fog" now and again.


Rose-Neroli Bath Bags

Exquisite essential oils and healing herbs make this an ideal gift for friends who love to relax in the rub.


Foaming Lavender Soap

Lavender essential oil and organic castile soap in a foaming pump.  This makes washing your hands fun!

From $6.00

Saving Grace

From $8.50

Scar Treatment - 1 oz.

This product is a blend of oils that have been shown to reduce scars, even older scars, when used on a consistent basis.  Best results are obtained when the oil is applied several times daily over a period of several months (depending on the age and severity of the scar).


Cape Chamomile & Jasmine Whipped Shea

Oh so decadent!  Whipped shea is better than whipped cream!  For your skin anyway. 


Cape Chamomile & Jasmine Whipped Shea - Dozen


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