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All of our lip butters and balms are made with organic calendula oil, natural beeswax and organic essential oils to nourish, heal and protect your lips. The texture is sublime.  None of the lip butters or balms contain lanolin or petroleum products.  Presented in a recyclable plastic tube.   $3.00 each


Lip colors are made with organic calendula oil, organic aloe vera, and organic jojoba oil plus lovely local beeswax and organic mint essential oils.  Color comes from mica, iron oxide and titanium oxide.  These shimmering lip "slicks" go on smooth as silk and add just a wee hint of color (no painted ladies here) and are so good for your lips.  $3.50 each


Double Mint
    Organic peppermint and organic spearmint.  Wow!  What a rush of flavor, with just a hint of local raw honey. 

Aniseed and Lemon
    Lemon colored and a little sassy.  Scrump-dilly-iscious.

Honey Rose
    A mellow rosy hue and delicate rose scent and just a hint of sweet, sweet honey.

Summer Daze
    Pink Grapefruit and Sage.  A favorite among the locals.


Ginger and Lemon
   Warm ginger and lively lemongrass do the tango on your lips.

3 Citrus
    A simply mahvulus choice.  Tangerine, Sweet Orange and Pink Grapefruit essential oils know how to party!

Star Anise

  Licorice lips.  Sweet!


 Wild Cherry Mint Lip Color
    Wild cherry color and spearmint flavored - a little bit shimmery and a lot sexy.


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