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Muscle Rubs and Sports Rubs

Three Giants Liniment - 2 oz.

Keep this little bottle handy to help deal with all of life's aches and pains.

From $18.00

Creamy Massage and Body Oil

The massage therapists love it!


Muscle Melt Massage Oil

The name says it all, doesn't it?


Everyday Tension Tamer

Arnica oil blended with warming essential oils to unkink those kinks...


Sandalwood Body Envelope

Smells so good you could wear it for perfume!


Relaxing Massage Oil

This massage oil is truly amazing!  If you have ever used kava kava in tea or capsule form, you know how calming it is.  Now you can use it externally as well!


Pain in the Neck

A lot of folks really love this stuff!  That's because it works!


Eucalyptus Mint Sports Rub - 2 oz.



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