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Smelling salts are a fun and functional way to get your essential oil therapy.  These handy little bottles of powerful scents last an amazingly long time!  I have some that are over three years old and still potent!

All of the same wonderful blends you've come to love in smelling salts version are now also available as inhalers.  Aroma sticks they are called by some...if you are old enough you may remember the old Vicks inhalers. These are the same concept--they just smell better!

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ANXIETY RELIEF - I find this combo to be especially helpful when I'm feeling overwhelmed and thus unable to function effectively.  Just a few deep inhalations of this blend and I can feel my shoulders unfurl and my stomach unclench.  Helps us re-gain control when we feel control is slip sliding away.

BREATHE EASY - When you smell these you'll know one of the main ingredients in eucalyptus oil.  These not only help open nasal passages, they make feel like you WANT to keep breathing.  Anyone who has had a stuffy nose for any length of time knows what I'm talking about!

CHILL OUT - Do you feel the need to bite the head off the chocolate bunny and not in a fun way?!  Sometimes life is just a bit much to paste on the "Oh, I'm so happy" face.  With these salts you can genuinely find your happy place and feel like a bona fide member of the humanoid society again.  A bargain at any price, wouldn't you say?

FOCUS - a blend designed to help keep your mind on track.  Especially helpful when you've been sitting at the computer for too long a spell.  Take a break, stretch and take a good whiff of FOCUS and you'll be back on track and more clear minded than ever.

RUBY BEGONIA - I love these salts.  They were created to help get you in that wonderful playful, relaxed frame of mind.  These are just the ticket when you are feeling just a wee bit out of sorts and need a nudge to towards the fun side of the street.

SLUMBER PARTY - a lovely way to help prepare yourself for a visit with Mr. Sandman.  Relaxing, calming, soothing - any way you look at it these essential oils will invite you to dream on, baby!

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