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Blessings to all of you!  You really know how to put a smile on the Gecko Lady's face!  I love sharing the get positive feedback I get from satisfied customers.  Read on to find out what people are saying about JGH products . . .  If you would like your comments included, feel free to send me an email at barbara@jgecko.com.



Last week I sold more pine pitch salve than ever before.  I love getting feedback on how effective our products are! On Thursday I got a phone order and the conversation made me so very grateful, once again, for the amazing healing power of nature.  A gentleman from Olympia, WA told me a friend had shared the last of a jar of this salve to use on a wound that just wouldn't heal.  He told me, "It's amazing.  This salve works - nothing else I've tried has even helped.  I'm ordering another jar for me and one for my friend."


I recently made and sent some plantain salve to a customer all in one day.  It was the first batch of the season and I went to use one of the tins and realized after I had sent it, of course, that for some reason there was still plant materials in the oil and beeswax mixture.  I immediately made a second batch and sent it off the next day with profuse apologies.

This is what BV has to say about the plantain salve...

My partner Mary spilled some hot coffee on her hip area about 2 weeks prior of the first delivery with the faulty salve and right before the delivery the skin was so red hot, the tissue was changing, and getting hard and bumpy. She was applying ice along with a different type of handmade salve and both were helping a bit. As soon as she started using the faulty salve, it all started drastically changing for the better within a few hours and leaving the skin  with a silky smooth surface. We could not believe the turn around and so quickly!  

Thanks again Barbara. We will be keeping that salve on hand from now on.


I recently received the following email inquiring about Happy Face Acne Scrub…


I have been purchasing your Happy Face Herbal Acne Scrub at my local health foods store in Leavenworth, WA.  However, they have not had it in stock for some time, and I could not find the product on your online store.  Are you still making this product?  If not, do you have a product that is similar?

I have found that this product has worked wonders for my troublesome acne, and would love to continue using it!

When I asked if I could use her comments on my website, this lovely young woman replied:

Hi Barbara,

I would love for you to use my comments!  I am glad to make a difference for someone who has made a difference for me.

Thank you for supplying natural health care products.  I struggle with sensitivity to harsh chemicals, and trying to find natural products that work well.  Your products are just what I need!

CH, Leavenworth, WA



Jill gave me her jar of Happy Dog as my dog Blue had a sore she kept scratching the scab off.  I put a glob on the raw skin, and the next day there was a good heavy scab forming. It's been four days now, and this morning when I checked it, the scab was gone, nice pink skin, with a bit of hair growing back I was going to use my old standby Bag Balm, but I'm so glad Jill let me use this Happy Dog. This is a fabulous product.  I went to the website, but could not find it, it must be special order eh? Anyway, how do I get a container?
     I also showed the vet Cathy Polly this formulation, and the results-----you'll be hearing from her shortly.
I just wanted to tell you what I thought of this product, as it is just fabulous!   

Namaste,  juan



 Your vanilla bean toner is amazing!  Thanks for the sample:)

 DH, Chelan


EEEK!   What a GREAT Christmas basket that you put together!  I am not kidding, I think it was my favorite present.  So cool to get to see some of the new stuff, and of course some of my favorites that you picked out for me.  (I can't begin to tell you how much I needed those tinctures this week!)  Oh, and I LOVE the lip color!  I am the last person to wear lipstick, but I have a feeling that this tube isn't going to last long.  The color is gorgeous and I love the feel and flavors. 

What a treat Barbara!  You truly are a master of your craft.

My favorite part about everything you make is that I can feel the love that goes into it all! 

Thanks a ton. I hope to catch you on my next round through Chelan.  
Here's to an Amazing 2008 and Happy New Years!

Carly, Montana


I'm already so impressed by your products, and by you, that I wanted to leave a testimonial that you can have for your website.

One of my favorite products so far is the shampoo bar.  Not only does it smell amazing, but it leaves my hair perfectly clean and feeling balanced (not too oily and not too dry).  It lasts forever and has lots of rich lather.  I love it!  I also adore the Acne Tonic.  I have had moderate-to-severe acne for the last four years of my adult life.  Almost nothing I have used from stores or doctors has truly helped, but I can actually see positive results with the Acne Tonic.  It leaves my skin very balanced and toned and the acne scars are less visible.  I have fewer new breakouts as well!

Not only are Barbara's products amazing, but they are made by an amazing woman!  You can feel her positive energy when you use her products.  She truly knows what she is doing and finds creative ways to share her knowledge and wisdom.

Andrea, Seattle, WA


We were just vacationing in Chelan and I bought my mom a lavender/lemon balm in a tube at a fruit stand. I want to order more but don't see it on your website. We love this product! Please let me know how I can order more.

Thank you, K.S.


Dear Barbara:

I live in Manson and have used your products ever since you started selling them at Bear Foods. I love everything I've ever used. I had purchased some Scar Oil a couple of months ago for my daughter's dog who had some surgery---amazing stuff. I haven't seen any more at the store. Is it still available??? I'd also love to see some more Creamy Massage & Body Oil--I use it every day.



"I recently rec'd and tried your Heavenly Arnica Muscle Rub and loved it.  Many of my tennis friends would benefit from this product but I couldn't find it on your website.  Could you please let me know how I could purchase for my friends to use?  It really helped on my leg muscles that were strained from tennis.  Please help. " 

 Teresa, Clifford Park, NY


"Georgia brought back your "Itchy Skin Cream" and it is fantastic.  We have been dealing with two patches of dry skin around the ankle area on both Paul's legs for almost two years.  Your cream has almost cleared them up - IT IS FANTASTIC!  Paul's dry areas would get so bad that they would weep and bleed.  So to have them practically gone is wonderful!  Thank you for making it.  I have also been using the nail oil and it has been helping with my hangnails."

Kay, Marshalltown, IA



All of the Tres Flores stuff is amazing – comforting, soothing, energizing, centering at the same time.  The facial cleanser is perfect.  Perfect.  Perfect.  You’ve combined the flower fragrances in such an uplifting, never overpowering way.  I love the way it feels and how it cleans my face.  The lavender face moisturizer surprises me every time – how can so little of that work so well on my face?

I like the toner a lot, too, but I never have known how to use toner the right way.  When I was younger, I used astringent (and still do…), but I think toner is supposed to be a little less intense, meant to tighten?  And then you put moisturizer over that?  ...I missed the days at school that they told us about such things.

I also have used and have loved the arnica rub and the St Johns Wort oil, which I have used for some arthritis in my wrists and hands.

...a new friend who lives near Portland


 ". . . we are loving the dream balm, never thought of putting it on my feet
and that is great!  Just put on some headache blend, it is so energizing and uplifting!  Thanks for the sachet!!"

Jesi, Scotia, NY


 By the way, I bought my first Lavender Blue Moisturizer at Bear Foods
in Chelan and it is the most wonderful moisturizer I have ever found in
my life. I'm looking forward to trying the other products.

G.W., Wenatchee, WA


 My last task before leaving Chelan at the end (sadly) of my vacation was to go to Bear Foods to pick up my Geranium Kisses to get me through to next year.  I panicked when there was none to be found!  Luckily, I took one of your pamphlets and upon my return home, 6 hours later,(check the time of this e-mail!!)  I checked your web site and found more than I was looking for and placed an order.  My sun and wind dried skin can’t wait for your products and I look forward to trying the new ones I’ve added.  Do you have a product you recommend for the dry, cracked skin of the feet and heels??

Love your products!

I have had hair loss and thinning hair most of my adult life and it got worse at times of stress and now menopause...I just thought there was no hope for me. My bangs and hair on top of my head showed a lot of scalp and I didn't have much hope of that ever changing.  I had my "special " shampoo and conditioner that I just couldn't live without and I had tried lots of other things throughout the years, natural and unnatural products.  I also used Nioxin for a time without result.

I am a long time user of Jamayma Gecko products as well as a person who tests the products for the company. I use only J Gecko products in my home now and love every one of them; but something miraculous happened when I started testing the leave-in conditioner for your hair.  I was very sceptical and had told myself that I would give it a try, but I didn't expect to like it better that the one I had used for years now.

I was very happy with the results as far as a conditioner. I was so surprised, it detangled my curly hair, it softened my hair, helped it shine, the list goes on. So I kept using it daily, it has been 5 months now and my
hair is growing back on my head... I am so thrilled and I just can't believe it... I was so excited to tell my hair dresser, I wanted her to see. I was needing another hair cut already, which just didn't happen with me. She was truly surprised... she thought I was being overly optimistic and was very sceptical but when she saw me she was amazed and said she had never seen hair grow back in like that. I am one happy girl! I have had others notice too... my sister in law, co-workers, friends.  My hair dresser went right out and purchased some for her and her mother, and friend. I have 3 nieces who have very dry, fine blonde hair, they all love this conditioner and don't get ready for anything without it. It works great on dry hair as well as wet. I have a new confidence now that my hair is back and I believe in these products even more than I ever did! Thank you
Jamayma Gecko! 

Laura, Chelan, WA



I received my products and is very pleased with them.  The shampoo bar has one of the most divine smell ever!!! Oh My!!! And super, super sudsy.  Thanks!!!!  The leave-in -onditioner is great and super moisturizing.  I love it.  Thanks so much for great products.  You have gained a lifelong customer!!!

Suzette Williams
Bronx, New York


There's a woman in Manson, Washington, along the edge of Lake Chelan, who makes amazing body care potions and lotions from simple ingredients.  Her name is Barbara, and her company is JGecko Herbals.

I like her a lot.  We "met" on one of my favorite herb lists and exchanged some fun email before I bought any of her goodies.  I was stocked up on lotion and stuff around here and didn't need anything, but I told myself I would order from her as soon as the cupboards were bare.

Oh my gosh. Thank goddess, I ran out of the old, heavy stuff. Every time I use something Barbara makes, I send her a blessing.  I can't believe how well my skin receives what she creates.  I finally ran out of her Lavender Blue Moisturizer -- which just gave and gave and gave out of a small bottle -- and ordered more last week.  As soon as I heard Joe the postman drop the box at the front door, I raced over to open it so that I could slather some of the lavender blue love on my face.  This stuff is the bomb.  It's the balm!  Weirdly, it doesn't just moisturize my face -- deeply, but no heaviness -- it brightens it, too.  I don't feel put-together without it.

I use other things she makes too, like the Heavenly Arnica Muscle Rub that helps my arms, wrists, and fingers after a big gardening session.  What I like about this is that it goes on smooth and easy, but it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any greasiness.

I used her shampoo bar for the first time this morning, and I'm having a great hair day after two weeks of rotten hair days.

I just wanted to share about Barbara's work because her creations make such a difference for me.   

 --CS, Oregon 


Hi Barbara,

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that my mom and I both loved the two products you send me for pain - the rub and the oil. When I was with her at the Mayo Clinic, we used them both together all the time (because my mom is in so much shoulder pain!). She has a frozen shoulder, but said your products were very soothing. During the day we used Bio Freeze, but at night she always wanted your products. They relaxed her and helped her fall asleep.

Thanks SO much for sending them. They are wonderful, like you!

Take care,


I can't get enough of that relaxation spray I love it so much!                                                       ~ Portland, OR


 (509) 860-4226 • barbara@jgecko.com

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